Tactical 50 cal. ammo can humidor

Tactical 50 cal. ammo can humidor
17 March 2023

Participation in missions abroad and the execution of tasks are often carried out in difficult regions with severe weather conditions, constant transitions, deployment with armored vehicles, airplanes, or helicopters.


To protect your favorite cigars, several companies offer to produce their own models of tactical humidors from used ammo boxes. The offers of FULL METAL HUMIDORS, AMMODOR and others are interesting. The website http://www.humidorsforheroes.com offers free humidor delivery to military personnel overseas. Sometimes, smoking cigars could be the only pleasure after a long day and a task well done.


Often, military personnel themselves make their own humidors. It is enough to have the desire, skills, and the appropriate materials. The most difficult thing is to find a cedar tree. Everything else is at your fingertips. The most popular are the models that are made from used US army 50 Cal. ammo boxes and lined with cedar. Rarely can two all-metal humidors be the same, as the materials vary according to their use on the battlefield.



  • Capacity up to about 50 cigars depending on their size.
  • The sealed lid (which is rated as waterproof) ensures the maintenance of uniform humidity regardless of the external conditions. No regular seasoning needed.
  • Extremely durable: you can take your cigars anywhere.



We at Cigar Nomads Sofia are looking to cover the best practices for making tactical 50.cal humidors. For prices, individual requirements, as well as available quantities, please contact us or check the "Accessories" section of the company's website.


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