LEAF by Oscar Maduro Toro

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Developed by Oscar Valladares at his boutique factory in Danli, Honduras, each LEAF stogie represents a deep connection between the land on which the tobaccos were grown and the all of the people who contributed to its production. Even the bands are made by a company local to the factory and using organic agave to craft the paper. Inside each stick, carefully cultivated and aged Honduran tobaccos are blended to create a savory profile while a Nicaraguan leaf from Jalapa is applied to the outside to add a syrupy twist.


 Instead of cellophane, the torcedors have laid each stick inside of a leaf of tobacco for aging and protection, and once this is removed you’ll be met with a dark and glistening cigar just begging to be smoked. The flavors present in a lit cigar are familiar to lovers of Honduran cigars; earth, molasses, and pepper with floral notes through the nose, while the Maduro wrapper adds a punch of spice to make this a medium-bodied treat for any hour of the day. 


Size: Toro 6.5x52 (Toro)

Strenght: medium to full body

Wrapper:Nicaraguan Jalapa's Maduro

Binder: Honduras

Filler: Honduras

Country of origin: Honduras

Rating: N/A


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